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Rainbow Set - for the freind of mine

Hi everybody! :)

Today I would like to show you a set of square cards that I decided to give as a present to a freind of mine.
She mentioned that she adore giving cards - so I thought why not to creat a set for her.:)

I decided to use Fresh Fruit Simple Stick™ Repositionable Rubber Stamps (4" x 8")
So here is the set itself:

And now in details :)
Basically I stamped images, than painted them with ZIG markers and in the end added drawings of small girls...(I decided to call tham ShuShas :)) Don't know why... just)






ZIG Markers (waterbased),
White cardstock,
Black pen :)

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I really REALLY tired of winter....seriously!!!
It is almost April - and we STILL have snow outside...This year it's somekind of joke!

Well yesterday I visualised Spring...with bright sun and birds singing...and when you can feel miricales in the air...

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